Beeminder | Stop procrastinating

I absolutely love Beeminder, and have been a user for several years. It's a tool to make a contract with yourself (a contract involving money!!) to do more or less of certain (quantifiable) things, or achieve quantifiable goals, such as for tracking weight loss, reading a number of pages per day, blogging a number of hours per day, biting your nails fewer than one day a week, following diet guidelines. It's especially great for tracking progress towards goals that aren't all-or-nothing: For example, I used it to stay on track to follow, on average, 3 out of my 5 diet guidelines. Most days I'd follow them all, some days none, and so forth. I lost a lot of weight, and it was a lot easier than an all-or-nothing type of diet. These days I use it to make sure I spend the time I intend on writing blog posts for, going to the gym X number of times per week on average, etc. I strongly recommend it!


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