Taps’ Notes: The Untethered Soul


I read The Untethered Soul a few years ago on the recommendation of a close colleague. If I had to summarize what The Untethered Soul offered me in a short phrase, it would be an alternative approach. In it, Michael Singer (who also wrote The Surrender Experiment) outlines the importance of coming to terms with the self, what understanding “You are not the thinking mind; you are aware of the thinking mind” unlocks for the individual, and his approach to looking inward. Prior to reading it I had never put much stock into things like meditation and didn’t take time on a very regular basis to reflect on myself and the activities and individuals in my life that were sources of energy. I now try to meditate on a regular basis and practice gratitude and joy by starting every morning by writing for myself, a take on Morning Pages that Julia Cameron espouses in The Artist’s Way. Despite the book dragging a bit and a bit heavy handed with platitudes, I found value in the reading.


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