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A Game of Pwns

by M.G. Siegler


Spotify Redesign Coming for Podcast Lovers

Lucas Shaw:

Tabs at the top of users’ libraries display the words “music” and “podcasts” in a large font, according to people familiar with the matter, making podcasts more prominent and accessible than they are now. Spotify has already tested the changes for some users, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public yet.
The new version of the app puts podcasting and music on equal footing, marking a clear signal that Spotify wants to be in all forms of audio. The company has spent about $400 million this year buying three podcasting companies, and has invested in original podcasts that are available only to its users.

I'm slightly biased here — I was an investor in Anchor and Gimlet, which both sold to Spotify in the aforementioned deals — but I think this is a smart play. I see no reason why different forms of audio should reside in different apps if the “job to be done” is that I want to listen to something.

I would include audiobooks in here too, btw — perhaps creating an Audible competitor? I just think there’s so much room for innovation in the general “audible computing” space, and Spotify seems by far the most savvy of the major players here right now. (And, of course, they sort of have to be!) Another ball Apple has dropped, despite creating said space. 


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