"The Un-Silicon Valley Way to Make It as a Start-Up"


Farhad Manjoo looks at MailChimp, a startup many people have heard of, but most people probably don't know that they're not actually VC-backed. 

And what's up with the name?

Late in 2000, some of those customers started asking for ways to reach their customers by email. Mr. Chestnut thought he could repurpose some old code he had used to create a failed online greeting card business. One of his old greeting cards featured a drawing of a chimp, so he thought he would call the new email service ChimpMail, but the domain name was taken. So he went with MailChimp.

Meanwhile, on the topic of email...

Though Mr. Chestnut insists that he isn’t worried about the longevity of email — people have been predicting its death for years, and email just keeps getting more important — the company is also pushing into other channels, including social media. The next phase of MailChimp, he said, is to become a one-stop shop for the entirety of a small business’s marketing needs.


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