Maar eerst nog even over dat ritme

Emily Goligoski is de onderzoeksdirecteur van The Membership Puzzle Project. Dat is een project van New York University en De Correspondent, met als doel te onderzoeken hoe de Amerikaanse journalistiek kan profiteren van het ledenmodel. Hiervoor was Goligoski user experience lead bij The New York Times. Onlangs gaf ze aan Source een interview over de overstap. Daarin ging het kort over ritme:

What’s the least intuitive thing (that you can share) that you’ve learned about audience behavior in the journalism world?
Goligoski: '[..]I am always amazed by the importance of day parting when it comes to interactions with news. In observing news readers over different breakfast tables, I’ve continually seen how different “sit down” reading or listening mode is from being in transit and only having a minute to browse headlines. Organizations that have thoughtfully approached how to surface and package news to meet those different needs will win loyalty, largely because their podcasts, newsletters, and other offerings will be more strategically planned.'

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