ML165: Annie Duke on Learning from Experience, Overcoming Analysis Paralysis and How To Make Better Decisions | MetaLearn

Annie Duke is a bestselling author, speaker, and decision-making consultant. As a former professional poker player, she has insightful views on decision-making from years of success in the field.

This episode covers: What games like poker, chess, and backgammon can teach us about decision making - How to learn effectively from your experiences without becoming biased by outcomes- How to overcome analysis paralysis and eliminate unnecessary decisions.

My favourite snippets:

  • Sorting = eliminating options you don't like, vs picking = choosing among the things you do. Put more emphasis on sorting than picking for many decisions.
  • Resulting. Pundits focus too much on the outcome, they should spend more time analysing the probabilities and potential pay-offs that influence the decision.


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