Verified by 6prog

As 6prog grows it is under pressure to verify businesses on the platform.

To help all users we are verifying the accounts where there is a complete profile.

This includes

  • A Limited Company registration
  • Complete set of profile fields
  • Easy contact data
  • A screening interview with the Community Manager

How do I register my business?

In Pad there is a field on the top left asking for a company name. Fill it in. Sorted.

Which fields matter most in profile?

The first three. Show off about your business aims and capabilities. Why is the work you do interesting? It will be. Ask for a review/rewrite from the Community Managers. Use the 6 ‘w’s to help - Who, What, Why, When, Where and How.

Contact info

Your contact information is only viewable to your connections. A phone number and email are a good start but consider adding your personal and business LinkedIn pages, link an article that you have written and add your website.

Ok so meeting the Community Manager is not mandatory but it really helps us to operate 6prog for you. Drop by the lounge and say ‘hi’. Tell us what you are working on and suggest ways we can support you. That’s why we started 6prog. Contact the Community Manager 


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