2) Marie Claire: A profile on Mishel Prada, who plays a badass queer Latina on Starz's 'Vida'


For all the talk of increasing inclusivity on television, few shows walk the walk quite like Vida, the Starz series created by Tanya Saracho, whose cast is Latinx and writing team mostly female and of color. In the six episodes of its first season, the engrossing drama about two estranged Mexican American sisters—Emma (played by Mishel Prada) and Lyn (played by Melissa Barrera)—received immediate acclaim for showing characters who don’t often appear on mainstream shows. It’s a heady role for Prada, 29, a relative newcomer to Hollywood who had only a few commercials and a Web series on her resume. She grew up in Hialeah, one of Miami’s most culturally rich neighborhoods (this is where I was born!!), with family roots in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW. Anyone in NY want to watch Season 2 together? Here's the season trailer. The second season of Vida premiered May 23 on the Starz app and on-demand, and May 26 on TV.


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