Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months - BBC News

"We're hard-wired to want immediate payoffs, even if it's unwise." Many of us can hopefully agree on the terrible consequences of climate change. But if that means dramatically changing our quality of life now, to probably, maybe, possibly, have a better quality of life (for our children) in 30-50 years, it becomes an almost impossible equation.

There's no question that we should all do what we can. But apart from doing less of the bad stuff, we should perhaps be doing more of the good stuff?

Maybe (hopefully) the true long-term solution to fixing negative climate change effects will be to find a way for humanity to innovate out of this crisis. As much as we're considering how to fly less, and eat less red meat, we could spend time thinking how we can help and fund technology and innovation systems to focus on environmental solutions. Politicians should maybe start diverting much more of public funds to climate change innovation, and, even more importantly, stop supporting and subsidising industries that have a highly negative effect on the climate.


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