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Design Tools News #35

by Roy


Entity Pro — The ultimate glyph finder for macOS

This is a great app for finding those hard-to-find glyphs. Just type a keyword, and it filters all the glyphs in your collection. It has fine-grained control over what glyphs you want to include. So if maths symbols, emoji, currency symbols are important for you, you can turn those on in settings. For each glyph, you can quickly copy it, but also find their corresponding name, description, and codes for development.

It has a somewhat hidden feature that works just like Quick Look in the macOS Finder. Hitting Space with a glyph selected opens a full preview of the glyph with all its typographic metrics like ascender, descender or x‑heights.

Look, it’s well worth the couple bucks ☞ © × π ‰ ℃  « ⌘ ★ ♀ ♣ ✓ ⌫


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