Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Nudges Could Actually Work

Among the flood of Facebook news last week — from a major visual overhaul to merging the company’s messenger apps — a tiny nugget slipped through: Instagram has a plan to combat cyberbullying. And it might just work.

Most notably, Instagram is testing a more proactive tool with comment “nudges.” This feature will use machine learning to detect when a user is about to make a comment that’s aggressive or hostile, then lightly warn them not to do so. When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Instagram clarified that “the notification doesn’t impede posting and no additional taps are needed, but our intention is that it will encourage people to pause and reflect on a potentially hurtful comment before posting it.”

👉 For a less rosy take, see Instagram Is Trying to Curb Bullying. First, It Needs to Define Bullying.


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