Long Live Code


There’s a wave of energy and investment going into “no-code” tools. The thesis is that working with code is intimidating and difficult, so removing it is the best way to empower the non-technical masses.
(...) The real issue is with the arcane, overly complex workflows required to do anything productive with code — the lived reality is that “code” itself is the least intimidating part of coding.

I could not agree more with this, and I think it's something that both product designers and investors frequently get wrong. Writing software code is like using human language—the combinatorial power of expressing ideas in language (whatever language) means that if you have the right primitives you can express literally anything. If, however, you're locked into a GUI, you can only do something if the people who built that UI anticipated your need.

Want to enable more people to work with data? Remove technical hurdles, not code itself. Fantastic post.


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