Caroline Link - 4th Generation Heir to B.Grimm, one of Thailand’s Oldest Business Institutions [The Business of Family Podcast]

Caroline Link is a 4th generation family member who is being groomed to run B.Grimm, one of Thailand’s oldest family-owned industrial conglomerates. Caroline grew up in a family where the common driving value and belief was to conduct business with compassion and in harmony with nature.

  • Caroline describes that the most important thing the business invests in is “Reputation”, and a lot of the reputation is based on the company's purpose and culture.
  • Caroline also shares that a workshop on family values revealed the two main values in her family to be "Contribution" and “Sense of Freedom
  • Caroline explains that the resilience of the family business over time was born from the entrepreneurial spirit in the leaders, as well as a strong culture that is value and purpose-driven
  • It is important to develop a strong sense of self-awareness; keep working on yourself, and if you want things to change you have to initiate it and change yourself.


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