No, Apple didn't delete that guy's movies.

Sean Hollister debunking something that went viral but also highlighting something arguably worse:

We can't be sure what will will happen if Disney -- or any other content provider -- "recalls" a digital purchase, as a publisher did with an ebook of George Orwell's 1984 on Amazon back in 2009. It sounds like your "already downloaded" movies are safe, but what about cloud-based movies you've only ever streamed? Apple doesn't say.

Apple needs to figure out a solution here. If you bought a movie from them, you should own it, period. It shouldn't matter if they're storing it for you or if you're storing it locally. Apple needs to negotiate this point with the studios.

Otherwise, they should just kill the notion of being able to "buy" a movie on iTunes. Because what you're really doing it is renting it indefinitely, until someone decides you can't check it out anymore...


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