Organisation design and new ways of working

Your company's Organizational Operating Model is the engine behind whatever your company's mission is. This well referenced article looks at Holocracy which is one operating model many companies are trying today based on many agile concepts and self-organization. The jury is still out whether this works (and there are many instances that show it doesn't) but this article details a very long list important traits of successful operating systems as well as companies who have created their own Organizational Operating System.

Our company, Vodori, is not employing Holocracy, but we have been working on creating and refining our own organizational operating system which started in earnest in July of 2015. We've clarified/visualized how we deliver customer value and how people organize to do that. We've had numerous areas of success and with any complex problem, we are still working through many refinements to help address remaining gaps. It's been one of the most interesting aspects of building a company.


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