H&M is Relying on Technology to Make its Clothes Cool Again


H&M, the world’s largest clothing brand, is asking artificial intelligence and big data to help them determine which fashion trends to bet on what consumers will buy in its stores. As H&M faces stiff competition from online shopping trends and its self-inflicted misery of cultural inappropriateness, the company has repeatedly slashed prices to clear out $4 billion of unsold goods, and its shares are down 56% in the past three years. 

H&M wants to personalize each of its 4,288 stores to curate its merchandise based on the community and local shopper profile. To detect trends three-to-eight months in advance, H&M is analyzing data from shoppers' receipts, returns, blog posts, search engines and other sources rather than relying mainly on its staff. So maybe soon we'll stop seeing people wearing exact same clothes in every city you go to. 


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