The Example of Charles Krauthammer

Peter Wehner with a poignant eulogy for Charles Krauthammer:

In an age when political commentary is getting shallower and more vituperative, we will especially miss Charles’s style of writing — calm, carefully constructed arguments based on propositions and evidence, tinged with a cutting wit and wry humor but never malice.
There’s another quality of his that we will miss: intellectual independence. Charles started out his political career as a centrist Democrat yet ended up as a conservative and a fixture on Fox News. But he situated himself in a particular school within conservatism, one that is temperamentally moderate, deeply suspicious of ideology, aware of the complexity of human society, and empirical in the sense that he was constantly testing what he was saying against what was actually happening in the world and the effect it had. Charles had no interest in being a member of a political team; his goal was to better understand reality.

I was mildly aware of Krauthammer over the past many years — honestly, mainly from his Fox News appearances — but I’ve enjoyed reading all the heartfelt tributes to him over the past many weeks since his untimely passing. Seems like a rational thinker the world will miss greatly — especially today’s world. 


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