Snap’s Focus on Stories Should Disappear

Tom Dotan says Snap is focused on the wrong thing:

Right now, Snap seems to be banking on its coming redesign to reignite interest in Stories. People who’ve tested the app say the revamped Stories screen now conspicuously inserts Stories among people’s chats. Though CEO Evan Spiegel described the redesign as a way to make the app more usable, especially to an older audience, the bigger goal is likely to push them to watch more Stories. That, in turn, would increase the number of ads people are exposed to.
It’s unclear whether this will work. The new design appears to be delayed in rolling out wide, and people who have used it describe a jumbled interface that doesn’t make the app simpler. Nor has it increased the number of user Stories they have watched. (One person said it actually decreased the number of Stories he had watched because the algorithmic feed put many friends’ Stories out of view.)


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