Data Warehouse Benchmark: Amazon Redshift vs Snowflake vs Google BigQuery

This is an atypically thoughtful benchmark from Fivetran founder George Fraser. He found that that the performance of each warehouse under most common scenarios is very similar:

These three warehouses all have excellent price and performance. We shouldn’t be surprised that they are similar: the basic techniques for making a fast columnar data warehouse have been well-known since the C-Store paper was published in 2005. These three data warehouses undoubtedly use the standard performance tricks: columnar storage, cost-based query planning, pipelined execution, and just-in-time compilation. We should be skeptical of any benchmark claiming that one of these warehouses is more than 2x faster than another.

This is insightful. This technology is approaching maturity, and as such, we should be less concerned with performance and more focused on user experience (query dialect, maintenance, ecosystem, etc).


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