Do you ever come across something on social media, email or a link from a link and you don't have time to read it now but you want to read it later? If you do, what do you do with it? Do you write it down? Do you save it as a bookmark in Safari/Chrome/Firefox? Do you put it in Evernote or Notes? Here's the best app that I've been using for years - Pocket. It's a one-stop place where you can save your articles/blogs/videos/etc from your computer or phone so that you can view them when you have time. The best part is that when you read it on your phone or computer later, it strips all the ads and clutter and just shows you the content. Brilliant! So, when I have 5 minutes in line, or in the bathroom (sorry), I just catchup on my reading and am able to share it with people as well. If all of your stuff is in many different places, give this a try on your iPhone, Android, or computer. Once it's saved in there, you don't even need an internet connection to read (great on catching up reading in planes!). 


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