5) HipLatina: An essay: How my mom helped me embrace my Afro-Latina beauty


This is a really beautiful essay I discovered via the Es Mi Cultura newsletter (I spotlighted them in issue #35). It's no secret that beauty standards favor straight hair, light skin and "European looks." It is also no secret that Latinx communities often uphold those same standards (especially in previous generations) even though they are not reflected in them. While we do need to call out people who uphold these backwards standards, we also need to celebrate those that are moving us forward. I spent a lot of time in the hair salon as a young child (not by choice) because of my so-called "pelo malo" and it was to the detriment of my natural curls (they're gone now) so I love that this writer received positive messages from her mother and grandmother about her Afro-Latinidad. Read it!😭


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