This Summer's Weird Weather Is the Death of Predictability

This summer the world is experiencing the most abnormal weather ever recorded, from “hottest June in Europe since people started keeping track” to the Mississippi River in the midwestern United States is still dealing with floods on a scale unseen since the catastrophic levels of 1993.” Generally, when faced with adverse conditions we adapt, adjusting to life in the new normal. As Adam Rogers points out in this Wired piece, “if you’re looking for a new normal, you’re not going to find it. There isn’t one. And that’s going to be the hardest part about life on a climate-changed world.” We usually look historically to understand how often something is going to happen in the future. However, given the drastically shifting nature of the world’s weather due to climate change, “scientists who study emerging infectious diseases, crop survival, air pollution, sea level rise, and extreme heat all warn that past performance may no longer be indicative of future results”. Old approaches just won’t work.


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