The Times deed een uitgebreide data-analyse om te bepalen wat het publiek wil en dat heeft succes

Last June, The Times used eight freelancers and tagging tech over three months to segment 1,000 articles per section from the previous 17 months. Each article was tagged with 16 different pieces of metadata, included criteria like the content tone, the headline type, the article format and geography. These tags were plotted against 10 metrics that show engagement, such as pageviews, time on page, whether someone has commented, saving, sharing, whether the reader is registered or a subscriber. That information has then been used to dictate content strategy.
For example, over the last few months, The Times has published 15% fewer stories on the online Home News section after learning that news with no additional or exclusive content underperforms. As a result of publishing less content, dwell time in the section has increased: Readers of The Times smartphone app spent an average 28 minutes daily on the Home News section, up 25% year over year, according to the publisher. 

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