Brookings: What Jobs are Affected by AI?

My feelings on this report by the Brookings Institute: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The main takeaway is that white-collar jobs are likely to be more impacted than blue-collar jobs from the widespread deployment of AI, and they got there via a bunch of NLP work using a couple of different datasets. Here's the big problem with the analysis though:

...the exposure measure employed here only suggests that in particular occupations some kind of impact can be expected, whether positive or negative.

The report is just saying that certain fields are more "AI-exposed" than others. For instance, software engineers are listed as being very highly AI-exposed. That seems quite obvious, given that software engineers AI systems. Other top areas listed also fall under "I could have just told you that without needing to do a bunch of language NLP".

I include this link here because it is going certainly made the rounds in the last couple of weeks, worth a scan just to have the water cooler conversation.


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