Hoe Quibi binnen een half jaar na de lancering implodeerde


Twee journalisten van The Verge maakten een reconstructie van wat er misging bij Quibi. De mobiele streamingsdienst haalde 2 miljard dollar aan investeringsgeld op en ging in maart van start om binnen een half jaar zijn einde aan te kondigen. Hoe kan dat?

Andrea* told The Verge that during the 90-minute pitch meeting, when Quibi executives sold their vision, they spoke at length about all the advantages that Quibi supposedly had to offer: strong studio partners, a sizable content budget, and a patented technology called Turnstyle that was supposed to offer a unique way of watching series and films when switched from landscape mode to portrait. All of it was bullshit, Andrea says. They asked to remain anonymous out of concerns for professional repercussions.
“That first meeting we had with Quibi, seeing the product, seeing the shows, I just remember thinking, This isn’t going to work,” says Andrea, who joined the show anyway because of the “amazing production team.” “It just seemed like there was a lot of confidence about this thing, but I never understood why they were so confident about it. I just don’t think I trusted the leadership team at Quibi.”

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