Why there’s still a need for UX designers in product teams?


✔ If you consider that to have a successful product, two essential ingredients to this are to build the right thing and to get the design right. UI designers will naturally focus on getting the design right (i.e. visuals, interactions, design patterns etc..), where as UX designers will naturally focus on building the right thing, and evaluating designs with users (i.e. user research, user journeys, usability testing etc..). If you are lucky enough to find someone that can do all this, then chances are that you probably can’t afford them anyway because they are so in demand right now. I’m talking hot, hot, hot darling.

The most successful product teams that I’ve worked in have always had a UX designer, and a UI designer. This ensures that there is sufficient capacity and bandwidth to take a user-centred design approach, whilst still providing the engineers with all the design goodies that they need to actually build something.

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