Microsoft Surface Studio: A beautiful invader of Apple's base

Tom Warren reviews Microsoft's new Surface Studio all-in-one giant touchscreen device. On the screen:

Even though it’s easy to adjust, you can still touch or draw at any angle as it has some resistance to being pushed back. I found myself bizarrely pulling the entire display toward me and angling it underneath me to read articles online or even when I was writing because the display is just great to have up close.

This reminds me of the lamp-like iMac. I used to love pulling the screen in closer...

Overall, this device definitely sounds interesting and appealing in many ways. I just wonder how many they're actually going to sell. It's very expensive and uses mainly older technology -- cue the Apple jokes -- but the main problem is that the core use cases seem pretty niche (designers, etc). So was the point just to prove Microsoft could out-Apple Apple? Maybe. But that seems an expensive point to make. 


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