1. Mexican immigrants work as wildland firefighters in Northern California (in Trump Country)


How beautiful is this story by LA Times writer Ruben Vives? A rising number of Latino immigrants are working as firefighters to suppress the nation's wildfires, even in places like Shasta County (CA.) where locals voted against being a "sanctuary zone" for undocumented immigrants. A 2007 report by the American Immigration Council found that a significant number of wildland firefighters were immigrants, mostly Mexican-born men. Let's hope the locals who have anti-immigrant attitudes learn a little something from these men:

I feel important when someone says thank you for the work we do,” he said. “When we’re walking around people say thank you to us for being here and fighting a fire.” Cisneros said he doesn’t like what he hears on the news about immigrants, but he tries to simply ignore it. He hopes critics of immigrants will pay attention to the work he and others do.


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