1) How Latinos Are Shaping America’s Future


A must-read from this month's issue of Nat Geo magazine. This is a story about Latinidad across America and roles that latinos are playing in their local communities. This quote, which points to how incredibly and confusingly diverse we are as Latinos, is part of why I started The Latinx Collective:

"The Spanish word “Latinidad,” which loosely translates as “Latino-ness,” is a term that strives to encompass the shared cultural identity of millions of Latinos who are of different races and national origins and who live in the United States. According to the U.S. census, the terms “Latino” and “Hispanic” represent the 57.4 million who hail from a host of countries south of the U.S. border and in the Caribbean, as well as Spain. Latinos officially became the largest U.S. minority in 2000." // "Among the major ethnic or racial identities in the United States—white, black, Asian, Native American—Latino is the most amorphous. Latino people can be African, Mesoamerican, Asian, or white. They are evangelical, Roman Catholic, and Jewish."


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