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by M.G. Siegler


Twitter Needs an “Undo” Button

Casey Johnston has a clever, but simple idea that could go a long way towards ending the Twitter Edit Button debate:

I think we can find a happy medium here. There is a feature in Gmail that allows users to unsend emails. But it is not really unsending them; it’s just holding them for about seven seconds after you hit send, because that is the window where you inevitably discover you made a typo, or forgot something you wanted to say, or realize maybe the response you were about to give didn’t need to be given at all.
How many bad tweets, if we were given seven seconds to rethink them, would never see the light of day? How many fewer typos would we make? How much less identity-driven keening would be added to every tempest in a teapot, a new one of which crops up about every 10 minutes on the TL? Probably a lot.

One bit of pushback is that this would make Twitter less "real time", which is true, but I honestly wonder how many people would even notice? You could also backdate the timestamp if the tweet does pass the 7-second threshold for those jokers who simply must be FIRST.


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