Bigfoot erotica and Denver Riggleman, explained

OK I swear I tried very hard to ignore the fact that yesterday "Bigfoot erotica" took over Twitter, and was somehow connected to a race for a House seat in Virginia. But today I caved and read about it and here's what you need to know: a man with the improbable name of Denver Riggleman is the Republican nominee in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District. Per this Matt Yglesias piece, Riggleman is the co-author of a self-published 2006 book called Bigfoot Exterminators, Inc.: The Partially Cautionary, Mostly True Tale of Monster Hunt 2006a work about people who look for Bigfoot.

Riggleman posted some explicit photos of Bigfoot to his Instagram (???), which were subsequently shared by his Democratic opponent, drawing attention to the thriving genre of Bigfoot erotica (?!?!?!), and also the whole thing was maybe a scheme to draw attention to the fact that Riggleman has associated with white supremacists.

Anyway, sorry, that's why Bigfoot erotica was all over Twitter.


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