The Washington Post Tackles Comments With AI

So Artificial Intelligence is real and it is here. AI trains us, and we train AI. At the Washington Post they 'train' the AI algorythm of their moderating robot with reviews from human moderators. Quite handy if you get over 1,000,000 comments each month as the Washington Post does. Link to article by clicking here.

I love what the Post does. What makes Bezos unique is that he brings along this culture of experimentation. So the organisation is not necessarily shrinking, but they actually hired 140 people to try new things. Bezos in CNBC article: "What they needed was a little bit of runway and the encouragement to experiment, and to stop shrinking. You can't shrink your way into relevance. We've grown our way into profitability instead of shrinking our way into profitability." Much more insights in the CNBC article on how to grow your organisation "the Bezos Way". If you wish to read more on how technology is boosting the financial performance of the Washington Post, read this article from NPR. The newspaper struggled amid declines in print ads, but under Amazon's Jeff Bezos, it has transformed its operations, from how it writes headlines and chooses photos to how it generates ad dollars.


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