If Data Visualization is So Hot, Why Are People Leaving?


Elijah Meeks, a data visualization engineer @ Netflix, created quite a bit of conversation this past week with this post. Here's the core of it:

...because you’re hired to do data visualization but only asked to do the most simple version of it, jobs advertised as being about data visualization leave little room for technical innovation. The putative data visualization engineer need only spend a couple hours a week making bar and line charts, and therefore has more than enough time to work on the important parts of an application: the API, the build process, the data stores, and everything but the actual communication of data using graphics. That’s a story I keep hearing here in Silicon Valley and a story that ends with the teller either asking me how to fix it or telling me how she’s transitioned out of data visualization into a different position.

This has resonated with many folks, with a lengthy back-and-forth on Twitter and a great response post on Medium.


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