News Publishers’ Facebook Problem

A definite must read that has changed the way I look at Facebook. Frederic Filloux claims that all these new companies building their reach on social, like NowThis, may be in trouble as Facebook's algorythm has changed an probably will change toward more personal messages. He claims with the right information that Facebook has a bias towards positive news, which threatens investigate journalism. Most striking, is that social is the primary news source for 18-24 year olds. In due time, this will replace tv (print is already marginal).
It is not new for tv that the broadcasters decide what you are going to see. The new thing is that online (what we now call social will be the larger part of 'online') there seem to be very few broadcasters. The only hope for diverse voices is to have many many social channels that bring news. Where this leaves the publishers, is anyone's guess.


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