» Capitalism as we know it is unfit for the Future


To tackle these existential problems, we must address the underlying operating system that created them: Extreme corporate capitalism and Milton Friedman’s enormous influence on the outmoded principle of ‘shareholder return above all else

As we stand here today looking back at the past 14 months, it is now glaringly obvious that ‘shareholder return‘ simply can no longer be more important than everything else. This kind of thinking (sorry, Milton) has led us to the anthropocene – it's an outmoded and increasingly harmful leftover of the industrial economy. After all, who can do business on a broken planet? While the rising tide can usually floats all boats, the absence of any water whatsoever will equally impact anyone, rich or poor. If the stock markets around the globe continue to incentivise short-term profits and perpetual growth at the expense of ‘people and planet‘, the future of our children will be bleak...


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