Fans van Pornoactrice Amber Sparkx kunnen tegen betaling het gezicht van Amber deepfaken in elke video van hun keuze.

Ze geeft hiermee een potentieel oneindige gebruikersgroep mogelijkheid om haar beeld te gebruiken. ' 

Porno acteurs kunnen hun gezicht beschikbaar stellen en ze maken winst wanneer de deepfake wordt gebruikt.

Now if anyone wants to hire me for a scene, or even put me in a commercial or movie, they don’t even have to take the time to message me. Just click a button, pay a few dollars a minute, and enjoy my wonderful visage in the video of your choice. All with my express consent, and high video quality. What could be better than that?
As a performer the best way to protect myself from the illicit use of my image is not through dismissing deepfake technology as a whole, but rather by embracing it.


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