100 Ways To Live Better - LessWrong


Books are great, but there is also something magical about reading advice lists! For less than five minutes of reading time, there’s a high chance you’ll pick up a few nuggets that may stick with you for life.

I highlighted over 20 items in this list, including:

#41 - Old: buy 20 of the same pair of black socks so you don’t have to worry about matching. Bold: buy 20 colourful pairs and don’t worry about matching.
#50 - Any <$100 purchase that may turn into a hobby is worth it even if the hit rate is low. Sports equipment, a musical instrument, art supplies, etc. If it doesn’t catch on, gift it to a friend. 
#106 - If you think you’re running 10 minutes late, text to say you’ll be 15 minutes late. That way the other person gets one disappointment and one pleasant surprise. Most people do the opposite: they say they’re 5 minutes late when it’s 10 and end up annoying the other and looking like total fools.


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