Product People, Mind the Gap! – UX of User Onboarding

✔ Every single time someone uses software, they’re aiming to be transported from the situation they’re currently in (and don’t want to be in anymore) to a situation that they’d rather be in.

Figuring out what has to happen in getting them from one situation to the other is our principal job.

For example…

  • If someone is swiping around on Tinder, what happens in between that and them being on a date?
  • If someone has an entrepreneurial dream and is thinking about using Kickstarter to turn it into a reality, what happens in between that and them having a fully-funded project?
  • If someone’s simply browsing for movies on Netflix, what happens in between that and them watching one?
When someone signs up for a product, they’re expressing a sense of hope — a hope that their life will be improved with that particular product in it.


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