Fader: Life in Puerto Rico for a refreshingly weird Latin trap star


If you only read one of this week's articles in full, I'd recommend this one for both his story and the incredible photos. Bad Bunny, the 24 year old Puerto Rican trap star, is clearly SUPER talented. He self-directed the music video for his single "Estamos Bien," he declines working with a stylist even though he's got one of the most unique looks of his peers, and has become a big star over the past 2 years without having released a full-length album.

He has become an unequivocal superstar across Latin America and the diaspora. His irreverent, emotional, trumpet-like verses have been dominating on near-ubiquitous features with some of rap and reggaetón’s biggest names — Ozuna, Arcangel, Farruko, Alexis y Fido, Daddy Yankee, and soon, Drake, who sings his verse in Spanish — and on his own songs, which notoriously started out as SoundCloud singles he uploaded while he was attending the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo as a communications student interested in radio, moonlighting as a bagger at the ECONO grocery store.


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