The Great CEO Within

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"I coach tech startup CEOs (and tech investors) in Silicon Valley, most of whom are young technical founders. They include the CEOs of OpenAI, Coinbase, OpenDoor and AngelList.

In my coaching, I found several things:

  1. My mentees and I repeatedly solve the same core issues. 
  2. While there are many books out there with excellent and relevant knowledge for the founding CEO, there is no single book that is a compendium of all the things she needs to learn.
  3. Becoming a great CEO requires training.
  4. For a founding CEO, there is precious little time to get that training, especially if her company is succeeding.

In this book, I have simply written down the solutions that my mentees and I have came up with. Hopefully it will serve as a compendium so that you can become a great CEO in the very little time you have to do so."


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