Uber’s Secret Gold Mine: How Uber Eats Is Turning Into A Billion-Dollar Business To Rival Grubhub


This in depth look at Uber Eats is well worth a read. I've talked before about how Uber Eats is a massive driver (pun intended) of business for the formerly ride-hailing only company. In June of last year Uber Eats was on track to do $6bn in bookings. Now the food ordering service is projected to make up to 10% of total Uber revenue this year having captured almost 25% of the market and likely to overtake market leader Grubhub over the next year. Impressive results, and they couldn't have come at a better time for Uber as it prepares for its IPO. Competition remains stiff with DoorDash having recently raised $250m and Postmates having filed for IPO after raising $100m in January, but Eats is certainly well on its way to being the dominant force in food delivery.


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