Substack en de toekomst van de media

De snelle groei van het aanbod van Substack-nieuwsbrieven in 2020 zorgt ervoor dat deze ontwikkeling kritisch tegen het licht wordt gehouden. Onder meer door The New Yorker:

The durability and sustainability of the digital-newsletter model remain to be seen. Carving out new ways for writers to make money from their work is surely a good thing: the United States lost sixteen thousand newsroom jobs this year, and many mainstream publications have struggled to overcome issues like discrimination, clubbiness, and prohibitively low compensation. But whether Substack is good for writers is one question; another is whether a world in which subscription newsletters rival magazines and newspapers is a world that people want. A robust press is essential to a functioning democracy, and a cultural turn toward journalistic individualism might not be in the collective interest. It is expensive and laborious to hold powerful people and institutions to account, and, at many media organizations, any given article is the result of collaboration between writers, editors, copy editors, fact checkers, and producers. McKenzie, the Substack co-founder, assured me that the platform should be considered only “one of the models alongside others,” pointing to the potential for worker-owned coöperatives, nonprofit newsrooms, and state-funded media. 

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