Why our concept of retirement is outdated - and how artificial intelligence can help


(The Globe and Mail)

Recently, the Harvard Business Review concluded that the concept of retirement itself may be flawed.

Rethinking retirement is not about taking away people’s opportunity to finally rest, but about empowering people with the choice to live life in a way that works for them.

Talking Points:

Greater flexibility in people's working lives is bound to excite many workers. But what about non-workers? As life expectancy grows and retirement age remains the same, retirement becomes longer. This article argues that independent contract work—mediated by AI—is the perfect way to enable a slow transition in to retirement, or to avoid retirement altogether.

On the other hand, this could be seen as an erosion of workers' rights—once we've put in enough years of hard work, don't we deserve a break? Here lies the conundrum presented by increasingly flexible work: at what point does the option to work become an expectation or a need to work?

Increasingly, the future of work is becoming 'disaggregated,' from careers, to contracts, to gigs. Digital technology plays a first hand role in this disaggregation, as the benefits of long term staff are replaced by the on-demand and specialized roles of globalized workers. Perhaps there is a future in which these roles are filled in part by would-be retirees? - Khiran O'Neill | email


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