Glenlivet seaweed capsules look like whisky-filled Tide Pods

Please watch this video before reading further (I've also pasted it below for ease of viewing). No seriously. Watch.

That's right, Glenlivet has introduced whisky in a pod. The story in my head of the product meeting that lead the Glenlivet Capsule Collection:

"Hey, so, we need to really make sure that we get the Millennials drink whisky. Wine, damn botanical vodkas and all the godforsaken IPAs have really been cramping our style."

"I agree. We need to break out in a big way! But what can we do? We've done tasting rooms, fancy glasses and ice...heck, Jim Beam even got Mila Kunis as an endorser! Young people LOVE Family Guy."

"I know, I know. Ok, think think think. What do the kids like these days...we could try and go viral on TikTok? Maybe get kermit to drink whisky while dancing to the Succession theme song?"

"No, that's going to disappear too soon, and besides, Kermit sucks. What else?"

"I got it! Remember when everyone was eating Tide Pods?"

"Yeah, so?"

"What wait, you'll die...what if...*snort*...we put Glenlivet IN THE TIDE POD!"

"That's ridiculous..."

"No trust me, it's going to be a hit! Kids will be Instagram the CRAP out of this. It's going to be the new jello shot! And, the best part is they don't need any classes or stirrers or napkins...the first drink that's good for the environment!"

"Dammit, you're right! Let's do it, this is going to be huge!"

The sad thing is, I think they're right.


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