De aanpassingen in iOS 14 kunnen grote gevolgen hebben voor uitgevers

De privacyvriendelijke wijzigingen in iOS 14 klinken als goed nieuws voor gebruikers. Tegelijkertijd kan het uitgevers - die het toch al zwaar hebben door de coronacrisis - raken in hun portemonnee.

But DMG’s Clarke says the move will hit his company, even if it’s small compared to the giants. “Untargeted ads are basically worthless,” he says. Clarke says he thinks the revenue his company’s iOS app users generate could drop by 75 percent, which could prompt him to abandon the app altogether and ask his readers to read the Daily Mail on the web instead.
But other publishers are less worried about the effect on their app ad revenue and more concerned that Apple is attempting to change digital advertising on its own.
“The instinct’s in the right place,” says Julia Beizer, who heads up digital for Bloomberg Media. “We all want to make a better, privacy-safe web. But rolling it out without consulting the industry means you’re asking publishers to bear the brunt of the sins of ad tech. Which isn’t fair.”

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