ByteDance confirms it is making a phone

The company previously acquired patents and staff from troubled device maker Smartisan, and now it has spoken of its plans officially. I said a while back on a Technode podcast after ByteDance's massive funding round last year that it was clear that the company had additional plans, there's no other reason that investors invest $3B at a $75B valuation, but few people would have known the scope of its ambitions. A constellation of apps makes sense from an advertising/userbase perspective, owning the core of a smartphone takes that to the next level. But mobile is hard, ask Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and others who struggle to compete with aggressive Chinese brands. It's no part-time hobby, so let's see what ByteDance does.

Separately: ByteDance acquired UK startup Jukedeck -- I still remember their rap pitch at a TechCrunch event in London -- to boost TikTok link


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