At Auschwitz, Holocaust Survivors Plead ‘Never Forget’

This past Monday was the 75th anniversary of the of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp, Auschwitz. As more time passes between the tragedy of WWII and the present, the number of survivors slowly starts to dwindle. 1,500 attended the event 15 years ago, while this year only 200 made it.

As those who can testify to the monstrous crimes of the Holocaust dwindle in number, there is growing concern about the efforts by political leaders to bend the historical narrative of World War II to suit their own ends.
“People would love to forget the hard truths and that’s why we need to keep coming back here to refresh our memories and keep the world from acquiring amnesia,” said Mr. Lesser, founder of Zachor, a foundation dedicated to ensuring the remembrance of the Holocaust. “Unfortunately, we can’t live forever. What happens after we are gone, I don’t know.”

History repeats itself because we forget our history. Hopefully the tragedy of Auschwitz, and how we got to that point, is never forgotten.


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