LA’s own ‘Green New Deal’ sets goal of 100% zero emission vehicles by 2050, 20K+ new EV chargers

Los Angeles. The City of Angels, home of Hollywood, and as anyone who has visited or lives there can tell you, traffic. There are approximately 7 million cars in the greater LA County, a true sprawl of a locale. That's what makes the updates to the LA 'Green New Deal' so ambitious. 

Mayor Eric Garcetti has unveiled a number of new targets in the updated plan. The city aims to increase the percentage of electric and zero emission vehicles in the city to 25% by 2025, 80% by 2035, and 100% by 2050.
Los Angeles also wants to install 10,000 publicly available EV chargers by 2022; and 28,000 chargers by 2028 (up from 2,000 today).

Setting the stage for electrification of transportation (both personal and public), making sure the city is adequately prepared is tremendous step, and a model for cities to follow. 


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