McDonald’s UK boosted by rapid delivery growth

McDonalds - eat in, drive through or get delivery? The burger giant announced a Q3 earnings miss against its original sales forecasts. There’s a whole host of reasons why, but I’m going to ignore those and instead talk about an interesting factoid about their UK business. According to Paul Pomroy, the UK CEO, the McDelivery partnership with Uber Eats has surged in popularity.

The chain said that delivery is now available across 950 of its sites across the UK and accounts for just over 10% of all its UK business. On September 18, the company received a record 124,000 delivery orders, it added.
It said that it has also benefited from its launch of the My McDonald’s app last year, which has had 3.6 million downloads since it was launched.

You read that right. 10% of all of McDonalds UK business was done via delivery. When you’re ordering for delivery there are no shortage of options. For a fast food chain built on the premise of cheaply, quickly and consistently made food to see delivery take off has to be a pleasant surprise. I expect to see many more delivery companies (DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates et al) use these numbers as proof of value when striking deals with enterprise chains.

Now, for my UK readers: What happened on September 18th (a Wednesday) that can explain 124,000 delivery McDonalds orders!


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