Why Everyone Should Write


One reason I started writing this ‘Collection of Thoughts on Random Things I Find Interesting That I Send To People Who May Also Be Interested’, or ‘newsletter’ as it’s called these days, was to force myself to write more. This post by Morgan Housel eloquently discusses the benefits of writing and is now my standard response to the question, “Why do you want to write?”

We’re all brimming with opinions on these topics that we may never discuss, even with ourselves. Like phantom intelligence. Intuition is strong enough to put these ideas into practice. But intuition isn’t a tool; it’s a safety net at best, and is more often the fuel of biased decisions. Turning gut feelings into tools means understanding their origin, limits, and how they interact with other ideas. Which requires turning them into words. And writing is the best way to do that. Writing crystallizes ideas in ways thinking on its own will never accomplish.


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